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Complimentary Bahamas Cruise Special Event Promotion


Caribbean Cruise Line, LLC sails from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Nassau Bahamas on board the Bahamas Celebration.   The two night complimentary cruise ($500 value) offer includes an inside state cabin, all meals and entertainment for two adults.

Who we are

We are a marketing company that offers unique sales tools to assist in companies every day goals in producing additional sales.

How can this offer assist in generating additional sales?

This complimentary cruise offer can be utilized to compliment your existing marketing or sales programs.  It can be also used to create new offers to attract new business or to renew existing business.

How can this Complimentary Cruise offer assist you in creating new marketing offers?

Create a special offer campaign attracting new members.
Create a special trial membership offer.
Use the offer as a closing tool at the time of sale for those that are still indecisive.
Reward existing members when they refer new business.
Reward those existing members that renew towards their next level of commitment.

Is this a Legitimate offer and how can the Cruise Ship Company make this happen?

Yes this is a legitimate offer.  We have contracted with Caribbean Cruise Line, LLC to offer this special promotion.  Similiar to an airline company,  there are many seats that need to be sold on a plane and each seat is usually sold for different price points depending on the class of seats.  A Cruise Ship is somewhat similiar.  Although, Cruise Companies utilize travel agents, tour operators, and private companies for sending reservations unfortunately all these efforts will never be enough to run 100% occupancy.  Therefore, this program will assist the Cruise Company in filling those cabins that would otherwise sail empty.  These additional couples will hopefully generate additional revenue sources on board the ship, such as the casino, spa, night club, etc. to make this a positive outcome for both parties.

What is the Cost associated with offering this Special Offer?

Your Company will be charged a small administration and processing fee for the electronic serial numbers that will activate the registration portion of the complimentary cruise offer.  

What is the Cost for Couples that take this Complimentary Cruise Offer?

The inside cabin, meals and entertainment are complimentary for two adults and the only charges the end user pays is for any sales taxes, gratuities, port taxes which are $59 per person, transportation to Florida, etc. ( see full terms and conditions)

How is this Complimentary Cruise Offer administered and what is the Cost?

Once your company decides how they want to incorporate the complimentary cruise offer to produce additional sales the offer will be accessible via our website.  There will be a small processing fee for the electronic serial number interchange to activate the complimentary cruise.

The website will have your Company Logo and the link to sign up for the complimentary cruise offer.  A series of unique serial numbers that are specific to your company will be given to you to give out to those new members that signed up with the help of the special complimentary cruise offer.  These Serial Numbers will activate the Complimentary Cruise website by bringing you to a registration page where the couple enters their name, address, phone number in order for a Cruise reservationist to call and book their travel dates.  You Company will be charged a processing fee in advance for these serial numbers.

We know with the right marketing promotion this could be a great tool to attract new business. We also provide a free introductory offer in which we will provide you with the first 10 free serial numbers to test.  This will get you comfortable on how the process works and how easy it is to use.
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